Champagne PIAFF Bottle Stopper

Salgspris£5.00 GBP

à Épernay France

The Champagne PIAFF bottle stopper is an elegant and functional accessory designed to preserve the effervescence and flavour of your favourite champagne. Crafted with high-quality stainless steel and adorned with the sophisticated Champagne PIAFF logo, this stopper features an airtight seal to keep your bubbly fresh for days. Its sleek and modern design ensures easy handling and a secure fit on most standard champagne bottles, making it a stylish and practical addition to any celebration or collection.


Add a bottle of Champagne PIAFF to your basket and get a pair of London Socks Co socks for just £5.00.

'Perfect for those Long Summer Nights'


Pinot Noir


Pinot Meunier



Champagne PIAFF Brut NV

The Crowd Pleaser -

It's the Champagne that deserves the spotlight, the one you just can't say no to.

With it's classic charm and charisma, it's the life of the party, the showstopper sets the tone for a celebration.


35% Pinot Noir
30% Pinot Meunier
35% Chardonnay


Marne Valley


Rich in chalky subsoil, and a climate that benefits from both oceanic rains and continental summers.


Stainless steel

Time on lees

24 Months


Cork and cage